Be Renewable is our renewable energy division which installs, maintains and offers an industry leading solar buyback solution.

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We work with homeowners, commercial, industrial property owners and landlords across Hampshire and the south coast of England. With our experienced team of tradesmen, we have professionally installed systems ranging from 1kWp to over 100kWp.

Be Renewable offer services for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of renewable energy systems for homes and businesses across the south.

We are not tied to any manufacturers, only offering the best equipment for each individual customer. From design through to installation we offer an honest zero pressure approach to complete customer satisfaction.

Solar Buy Back

“Solar Buy Back” has been brought to the market in order to create value from existing Feed In Tariff attracting installations. The concept is simple! See how much you could earn from your solar setup:

We are looking to invest in existing installations where our customer continues to enjoy the benefit of free electricity for the life of the system. Our offer price to our customers is dependent on the date of installation, size of the system, yield of the system and quality of the products and installation. A lease is used, similar to the lease used on “Rent a Roof” products.

A previously installed system  could be worth up to £15,000, and our customers will receive FREE electricity produced by the system – without the cost of replacing key components or servicing/maintenance – Be Renewable take care of everything. Our customers typically receive the lump sum on completion, usually within 6 weeks to do with as they wish!

Solar panels


Photovoltaics are one of the most popular and effective ways of reducing energy consumption in your home. Installing Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels in your home will allow you to generate your own electricity – and make money in the process.

Solar panels are suitable for all roof types, but to get the most out of your Solar PV panels your roof should be south facing and pitched at an angle between 35° and 45°.

By generating your own electricity not only will you see a reduction in your electricity bills, you can receive payments from your electricity supplier through the governments Feed in Tariff system (FiT).



Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal panels heat up your hot water from the free heat of The Sun. The systems work all year round but when solar energy is unavailable your existing heating system just switches in. These systems use panels, called collectors, fitted to the roof of your home and connect up to a hot water cylinder to store the heat. You only need around 5 sqm of available roof space and you can have either flat plate panels or evacuated tubes (pictured right).


Solar Thermal

Ground / Air Source Heat Pumps

Ground/Air Source heatpumps extract heat from either the air or the ground. This heat is then compressed resulting in a temperature increase and used to heat your radiators, underfloor or warm air heating systems. The size of the system depends upon the size of and the insulation in your home but you could lower your heating bills and be provided with an income through the governments Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).



Biomass Boilers

Biomass Boilers are wood fuelled heating systems burning wood pellets, logs or chips to provide you with heating and hot water. They can completely replace your existing boiler or electric heating system saving you money on your utility bills and you can receive payments through the RHI.

Biomass Boilers

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